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CYRENE Hackathon: Change the future of Global Supply Chain Services!!!, 14-15 October 2021

The CYRENE project organizes its first Hackathon and is looking forward to hearing your ideas on the development of new algorithms and visualization tools.

Interested undergraduate, master and PhD students can register here.

Registration is FREE and it will be open until October 11th!

Before the Hackathon, there will be an Info Day on CYRENE overall solution that you may want to join. Check here for more information about this event and how to register.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/events/cyrenehackathon-changethefuture6847089038550147072/

Short Description

The Telecommunication Systems Research Institute (T.S.I.) is a Greek Government-sponsored independent Research Institute established by the Greek Ministry of Education in 1995. T.S.I. operates within the framework of the Technical University of Crete (T.U.C.); however, it is an administratively independent and financially self-sustained entity mainly funded by external research contracts and grants.

Main Objectives

Among its main objectives is to promote graduate education, research and development in the broad areas of Telecommunications and Telecommunication Systems. The Institute provides technical support, space, research infrastructure, and access to cooperating faculty members and highly qualified R & D engineers with experience in project planning, execution, and management.

Research & Development

Current research and development interests include the following areas of Telecommunications: Digital Communication Systems, Communication Networks and Computer Networks, Broadband Networks, Wireless Communication Networks, Signal Processing for Physical Layer Communications, Speech and Language Processing and Automated Services over Communication Networks.